Racing Flooring


DRD Racing Flooring

Racing Flooring is a specially designed PP flooring tile for use in the racing industry, where frequent laying down and lifting is required. It's unique "flat-top" helps against sore knees and easy rolling of trolleys.

Only tiny nuts and bolts (M4 or smaller) might still get trough with the smaller than standard opening gaps. ;-)

Technical details





PP copo

400 x 400 x 18mm

0,66 kg (per tile)

6,25 pcs
6 pack

Stability of shape:




-30°C up to +80°C

until 50 to/m²

against acid and base

antistatic, slip resistant DIN 51130:R10

Colours              Most frequent colours we keep in stock!

Racing Flooring sample pictures

Side and corners

Side parts and edges are the ideal solutions to mark the surface and to prevent tripping hazards, e.g. in the garage, on the terrace to the garden side, in the garden etc. And, by the way, the side parts offer the possibility to walk on safe and without stumbling with wheelchair, buggy or walking frame.

Expansion joints

The expansion joints are used for

- to install electric cables clever and hidden under the tiles

- to avoid that the tiles do rise in the heat

Advice: If the surface has more than 10 m², we recommend to install an expansion joint that the tiles have the possibility to an extent. You also can put tile on tile – without putting the tiles together loop into pin – you lay the tiles only side to side. Due to this solution, the tiles do not rise by heat, and they do always lay flat.